• Variations on a Rouen melody
  • Fire of the North (4 movts on the life of St Cuthbert)
  • Three Border Studies (Jedburgh; Dryburgh; Melrose)
    First Performed: Tom Bell; Manchester Cathedral; June 2005
  • Anima Christi
    First Performed: Peter Stevens; Manchester Cathedral; July 2005
  • And an old white horse…
    First Performed: Tom Bell; Glasgow; 2006
  • Tuba Tune
  • Carlisle (Border Study)
    First Performed: Tom Bell; Glasgow; 2009
  • Hereford Windows
    First Performed: Tom Bell; Hereford; 2014

One thought on “Organ”

  1. Dear Martin,

    Tom Bell wrote eloquently about your Three Border Studies. I would like to obtain a copy and perform them at the Cathedral here where I am Organist & Director of Music.

    John Hogan
    Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo

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