Song Cycles for Voice and Piano

  • Poems of 1912/13 (Hardy) (for Baritone)
    First Performed: Marcus Farnsworth; Manchester Cathedral  May 2006
  • A Chainless Soul (Emily Bronte) (for Soprano)
    First Performed: Diana Palmerston; Chester May 1999
  • Blue remembered hills (A.E.Housman) (for Baritone; Tenor transposition available)
    First Performed: Thomas Guthrie; Chester July 1998
  • Three Gurney Songs (for Tenor)
    First Performed: OJ Ruthven Manchester June 2005
  • Garden Songs (various) (for Baritone)
    First Performed: Marcus Farnsworth; Tardebigge  June 2010
  • A Land I did not know (C.H.Sorley) (for Tenor; Baritone transcription available)
    First Performed: William Balkwill; Chiswick March 2011
  • The Mystic Trumpeter (Walt Whitman) (for Baritone)
    First Performed: Alex Knox; Chiswick  January 2011
  • Three Scots Songs (various) (for Baritone)
    First Performed: Allan Smith; Ayr June 2006

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