Songs with Instrumental Accompaniment

  • Through a glass darkly (various) (for Baritone and instrumental ensemble)
    First Performed: Marcus Farnsworth; conductor, Andrew Gourlay; Manchester February 2004
  • The Windhover (Gerard Manley Hopkins) (for Baritone and Violin)
    First Performed: Marcus Farnsworth and Kirsty Mangan; Wantage August 2006
  • Wedding Song (Elizabeth Barrett Browning) (for Soprano, Cello and Organ)
  • Summer Nights (various) (Cycle for Tenor and Oboe)
    First Performed: Joshua Ellicott and Mea Wade; Ribchester June 2011
  • August 1914 (various) (Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Tenor with Recorder, Clarinet and Piano)
    First Performed: Claire Wilkinson, John Findon, John Turner, Thomas Verity & Ian Buckle; Bury August 2014
  • The Voice from the Well (Cycle for Alto and Lute)
  • There let the pealing organ blow (Milton) (Soprano and Organ)

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